Association of Mood Disorders with Diabetes

Controlling the level of glucose in blood in diabetics is crucial from the point of preventing the development of mood disorders. The fluctuations taking place in the levels of glucose in blood can lead to a number of complications. Development of psychological and mood disorders in diabetics is one of them. Neglecting such problems can have grave consequences. Amongst the different psychological disorders associated with diabetes, the problem of depression is most pronounced. The other psychological problems include anger and anxiety.

Dr. Satish Garg from the University of Colorado Denver opines that studying the relationship between mood disorders and diabetes should help in obtaining an in-depth understanding of the subject matter. This could further boost the research on finding effective means and treatment measures for tackling this health issue. Tim Wysocki from Jacksonville, Florida too has expressed similar ideas on the topic in his write-up ordering valtrex presented in the journal named ‘Diabetes Technology and Therapeutics’.

If the glucose level in the body is not controlled in a timely manner, severe complications may develop. One thing that researchers are still in doubt is whether mood disorders are responsible for causing diabetes or the process actually takes place in the reverse manner. There is no doubt whatsoever on the matter that psychological disorders like depression lead to a myriad form of complications like worsening of diet, decreased physical activity, rise in micro & macro-vascular complications, inclination to bad habits like smoking, etc. The research conducted by scientists at the University of Colorado Denver has brought one thing to the fore i.e. diabetes coupled with mood disorders leads to a deadly combination of health issues. It is therefore, of utmost importance to find possible solutions for dealing with these health problems.

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