Over-treatment of Blood Pressure Not Good for Diabetes

The health problem of diabetes has been linked with a variety of conditions and high blood pressure is one of them. Many of the complications of this medical condition are associated buy cheap valtrex online with high blood pressure. In fact, the rise in blood pressure aggravates most of these problems and is one of the causes of diabetes. The blood pressure should not rise above 130/80 for the health to remain stable. A normal blood pressure has an influence on maintaining blood sugar levels. All these facts help us understand the problems that could occur if the level of blood pressure rises. However, what happens when high blood pressure is over treated? Yes, over-treatment of this condition also is not good for the patients. Let us find how.

Effects of Over-treating High Blood Pressure in Diabetes

The treatment of high blood is necessary to prevent any possible health risks however, overdoing it could be hazardous. If the blood pressure drops too low, patients could suffer from dizziness. The person might also start feeling weak. Such a condition is not at all considered good for the health. In few cases, the patient suffers from a condition of dry mouth. A balance has to be maintained and such a treatment disrupts that balance. Dr. Eve Kerr who is associated with the University of Michigan and Department of Veterans Affairs Ann Arbor Healthcare System expressed her views on this topic. According to her, there are patients who initially need to be treated with high blood pressure medications. However, later on such a treatment is not required. Putting such patients on medications associated with high blood pressure could pose health problems. The research conducted by Dr. Kerr confirmed that between 3-20% diabetic veterans were over-treated for high blood. This research was reported in the Archives of Internal Medicine. The percentage of patients being over-treated differed from one hospital to other.

There is another aspect of the problem of over-treatment of high blood pressure. According to the predefined or pre-set guidelines, there is not such limit being set on the lower level of blood pressure. It is makes the situation a bit confusing because doctors who prescribe high blood pressure treatment cannot determine whether a particular limit is low or not.

These studies conducted by doctors provide an insight into the treatment measures that are currently followed. Understanding prevalent treatment measures should provide an opportunity to make improvements in them. The patients suffering from diabetes should take the matter of low blood pressure seriously.

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