Herbal Medicines Gaining Importance in Diabetes Treatment

Western medical practice widely believes that diabetes treatment isn’t possible, only managing diabetes is. This medical blog too has been advising readers on efficient management of diabetes. A new hope, however, has emerged as the West continues to embrace the ancient medicine of the far east; India’s ayurveda in particular.

A New Hope for Diabetes Treatment

The plant derivatives and herbal medicines were not give much importance in diabetes treatment till recently. One of the reasons behind the credibility of herbal medicines being questioned was that sufficient research was not conducted to prove their effectiveness. However, with the benefits of these coming to the fore, the medical fraternity is considering the option of using herbal medicines as one of the best for treatment of several ailments including diabetes.

Recently an organic chemist from India, Mr. K. Balasubramanian patented two of his medicines meant for the treatment of diabetes. The main ingredients of these medicines are gymnema sylvestre and bilva. These medicines have successfully passed the mandatory clinical trials. The major benefit of using these medicines for treatment of diabetes is that they activate the beta cells of pancreas. This action leads to secretion of insulin. Functioning of the other hormonal glands of the body is also improved considerably. Another benefit of using herbal medicines is that strengthening of the liver cells takes place. This action of herbal medicines eventually results into a build up of islet cells of pancreas which is highly important from the point of controlling diabetes.

A Recipe for Diabetes Treatment: The Ingredients

The use of garlic is said to have a positive buy lexapro no prescription effect on reducing blood-sugar levels. Garlic is also responsible for the secretion of insulin and causes a slow degradation of insulin which is of utmost importance in controlling diabetes. Aloe Vera, just like garlic, helps in lowering the sugar levels in blood. The defatted portion of seeds of fenugreek contains beneficial chemicals like coumarin, niotinic acid and alkaloid trogonelline; these chemicals possess anti-diabetic properties. A compound called myrtillin which is present in the leaves of blueberry contains anti-diabetic properties. These and many such examples prove that herbal medicines are definitely of great help in the treatment of diabetes.

Why This is a Good News

The main reason behind herbal medicines scoring over allopathic drugs in diabetes treatment is that the latter are known to produce many side-effects. For example, the allopathic medicines are known to destroy glucose present in the body; the glucose doesn’t get converted into energy. It is one of the main reasons why you would find most diabetes patients exhibiting a feeling of tiredness and drowsiness; they tend to get hungry far more frequently. Allopathic drugs are responsible for lowering the percentage of hemoglobin in blood cells. This is another reason why herbal medicines score over allopathic drugs.

Herbal medicines are considered better than allopathic medicines because they don’t exhibit any side-effects. The research and developments taking place in the field of medicine should help us understand more about the benefits of herbal medicines.

There’ll be more on this  diabetes blog on diabetes treatment and management. Till then, keep watching this space.

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