What are the causes of diabetes

While medical researchers have so far not been able to nail down exactly what causes diabetes, you’d do well to take note of certain factors from this diabetes blog post, that have been linked to the development of diabetes.

Causes of diabetes – Genetics

Genetics is a main factor. It has been known for ages that diabetes can be inherited. Nonetheless, the pattern of inheritance happens to be far from fully understood.
Statistics indicate that people with diabetic family members are at a higher risk of acquiring diabetes than those without. In cases of families where diabetes is common the risk factor is about thirty percent higher.

One main cause of diabetes, especially type-2 diabetes being inherited is the diabetes gene. However, even you acquire diabetes genetically and even though it is beyond your control, that still doesn’t mean that you have to suffer badly because of it. There is no cure for diabetes mellitus in the full sense of the term, but it can be efficiently kept under control.

Causes of diabetes – Diet

Overeating, say medical scientists, is one of the main causes of diabetes.it is very important to maintain a healthy diet to control diabetes. Diabetes has been described by most medical scientists as a prosperity disease, for the most part caused by regular overeating. Not only is ingesting too much sugar and refined carbohydrates damaging, but proteins and fat, which are transformed into sugar, may also cause diabetes if taken in excess.

It is remarkable to note that diabetes is almost cheap lexapro online buy unheard of in countries where folks happen to be underprivileged and cannot afford to overindulge.

The prevalence of diabetes is directly linked with the eating of processed foods rich in refined carbohydrates, such as pudding, cake, bread and chocolate.

Causes of diabetes – Obesity

Obesity is a key contributor to diabetes. Research has shown that between sixty five and eighty percent of diabetics tend to be obese. In the United States alone, about eighty percent of type –2 non-insulin dependent diabetics are said to be obese.

The proper working of insulin in the body is hampered by excess fat.  The tissue cells in the body and the muscles as well become resistant to insulin due to the large amount of fatty tissue. Insulin allows the glucose in the blood to enter the cells by acting on the receptor sites on the surface of the cells.

Once people grow older and pass a certain age, they tend to put on weight, and the same time,  and many a time a lot of these people develop a mild form of diabetes.

Causes of diabetes – Lifestyle

Being active and living an active life is very important. Folks that lead less active lives and refrain from physical exercise are at a very high risk of getting diabetes. Work these days has become quite easy because of all the latest technology, physical activity is at a minimum. Physical activity and exercise help keep weight under contro. Consequently, the workload on the pancreas is reduced.

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