Healthy Diet To Control Diabetes

Diabetes creeps up on a person bit by bit and then all suddenly, the pancreas and other body parts refuse to function properly. This post on our diabetes blog has been written to help you understand the diet end of controlling this illness.

There are millions and millions of people around the globe showing diabetes symptoms, and most of them are not even aware of it.
People with this illness cover a wide range of ages, right from infants going up the elderly. As they carry on with their lives as diabetics it begins to slowly consume them. In the end all it needs is a balance of diet, exercise and insulin. Balance is the key to a diabetic leading a good life.

The biggest challenge a diabetic faces is maintaining the proper diet. The diet for every diabetic needs to be balanced to that individual’s requirement. Many of the foods eaten are generally converted into a type of sugar called glucose in the process of digestion. The blood buy cheap valtrex valacyclovir then carries glucose through the body. Insulin then turns glucose into quick energy or it is stored. In diabetics, the body either does not make an adequate amount of insulin or it cannot use the insulin properly. Thus excessive glucose builds in the bloodstream.

Food to avoid when you have diabetes


  • Sugar
  • Salt
  • Whole Milk and whole milk products
  • White rice, Potatoes, Carrots, Breads and Banana
  • Red Meat
  • Fatty Foodstuff
  • Coffee & Tea (herbal tea is better)


Food that helps when u have diabetes

    Bitter Gourd (lowers the blood-sugar levels effectively)
    Cinnamon Solution (Boil cinnamon sticks and drink water)
    Fiber (apples, soybean, oatmeal etc)

More suggestions to control diabetes

    Keep an eye out for particular diabetic recipes to help you follow a healthy diet.
    Eat similar quantities of food at the same time every day.
    Include starchy foods such as dried beans to increase their intake of starch.
    Consume lots of fruit and vegetables for soluble fiber.
    Manage and keep your weight under control.
    Control your carbohydrates.


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