Clinical Depression: Nip It In The Bud with Medical Help

Clinical depression

is defined by experts in the field of psychiatry as a psychological disorder characterized by extended periods of sadness and melancholy and, quite often, unpredictable behavioral quirks.

A person who’s going around with a long face and being cheesed off with the world in general may not necessarily be suffering from clinical depression, as there’s bound to be bad moods now and then. However, if a morose and mirthless disposition, low self-worth and lack of happiness become routine, then it could prima facie be a case of clinical depression

That, of course, would be a very broad diagnosis which can be narrowed down further as per symptoms. There’s, for instance, manic or bipolar depression: it is characterized by extreme and unpredictable mood swings such that a person may be euphoric today and morose tomorrow without any apparent reason. Postpartum depression ails new mothers and is just a prolonged period of sadness, possibly as a result of exceptional physical stress during childbirth or an uncertain sense of responsibility toward the newborn.


Some other noteworthy forms are:

  • Dysthimia is a less severe form of depression in which the symptoms are somewhat less pronounced, but the treatment should be done without any delay whatsoever.
  • Seasonal Affective Disorder is characterized by falling in a rut during a particular buy lexapro online australia season, i.e. winter, spring or summer. Mood swings may also happen during a specific season.

Hard to deal with as its sounds, clinical depression is far from incurable. Quite to the contrary, doctors are fairly positive regarding chances of recovery. The majority are of the opinion though that the best results are had when clinical depression is detected early and attended to immediately. Patients who’ve accepted their condition and actively sought treatment have invariably found themselves improving vis-à-vis the aforementioned condition.  Left untreated, clinical depression can not only lead to violent, often self-destructive  behavior, but the high degree of mental stress involved can also give rise to seemingly complications such as hypertension and diabetes.

Questions regarding clinical depression may be as basic as ‘do I have it’? Any or all questions you may have must be addressed to a professional. The temptation for a quick referral by reading journals or websites may be tempting but relying on these without professional help is strictly not advised. Self-medication could be very dangerous, so even if you’re aware of some of the medicines prescribed for your condition, please do not self-medecate. Clinical depression is best handled quickly and professionally so you can lead a better life.

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