Phantom Limb Syndrome

I would like to begin by explaining in simple terms what the Phantom Limb Syndrome (PLS) methods and then correlated with the commitments of storytelling and constraints on civil society in Kashmir. PLS is a family disease that affects a hand or foot amputee for medical reasons. Patient complained of excruciating pain in the arm or leg, which is not his body anymore. You hear the movement of the fingers, the arm is long buried. This illusion is due to the mind tricks any body part. It ‘hard to improve the condition and takes a long time to form the mechanisms involved in neurophysiology and effective artificial replacement prostheses win ordeal.

I drew a parallel between the civil societies PLS and Kashmir, who begged forgiveness from respected members of these NGOs and the best researchers of culture in our society and welfare dereference the excellent work they are doing to fight for improved living conditions and environment. There are also pressure groups that have a thematic issue at a time and try to continue vigorously until their objectives are achieved. Question arises to what extent these interventions are recognized as an opportunity or a remote socket.

In Kashmir this amphitheatre presents a different appearance.  For example views are expressed that in rebuilding Kashmir, Civil Society can play a role (GK May 2 p7) while politicians are engaged in national higher problems and cloistered behind security cordons.  There are those who claim that plagued by apathy people must take a stock of their lives (GK May 3 p9) again the whole emphasis is on the society that is at the receiving end of physical and mental atrocities and submerged in a high grade repressive rule.  I thought it would be simple enough to recognize this phenomenon by just living a day in normal circumstances anywhere in the State but especially in the valley.  Let us exemplify this thesis by taking stock of a few problems menacing the lives of people.   A million tons of waste can be expected to be shifted from kitchens to recycling plants or landfill sites.  Some Civil Societies in Kashmir put dust bins at places and Print Media have been screaming about the consequences of rubbish on the roads.  These operations are the basic tenets of governance and only possible at that level.  Nowhere in the world is a Civil Society capable or involved in these functions.

One other problem highlighted in GK columns is the worsening state of traffic and condition of roads.  You need good quality life insurance and a fortified strong truck to be a part of the stream of traffic on the roads.   You also need multiple eyes at the sides and back of your buy cheap valtrex uk head to drive effectively.  Civil Society can only save their own lives by keeping their distance from the chaos.  All measures taken by the administration are peremptory and violence against the society.  The punishments imposed include toeing away parked vehicles and shouting warning over loud speakers, extolling bribe from buses so that they can pick up passengers anywhere they wish to stop.   What stands out in traffic management is total absence of lanes, lights, footpaths, crossings and signs displaying traffic codes.  There are thousands of uniformed men blowing whistles with ineffectual control of traffic.  All steps for apparent good will no doubt will end up with a lucrative handshake and reinstallation of the illegal activity.

It is a far-fetched idea that any Civil Society can even attempt to put remedial measures in place to correct these problems.   There is a gulf of political tumult that separates the ranks of government and representative civil society.  A civil society that has any credence with authority is appointed from civil servants in service and in dreaded fear of repercussions if they make statements challenging and provocative.

A non-governmental organization cannot cope with multitudes of punitive constraints in daily lives of people that sum up to make their living very onerous.   Every individual who comes in contact with administration will tell you a story of arm twisting tactics and extraction of bribe.   They also tell you if there is a property involved then the case will never get solved because each official will sell the client to his successor and money will flow for generations.  How could a Civil Society cure the menace of corruption if the total infrastructure of administration was built on this raw material?  Some say this evil matter stems from the ballot box and permeates through.

The arrogance of such a system is passing over the ghost of all parts of the citizenship and the Phantom Limb Syndrome reflects the victory of authoritarian rule. They tend to punish the country to show that if you are not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem. Some of the companies with semi-autonomy. Only survive if it relies on sponsors to operate effectively. So I intend to release the civil society organizations, the responsibility can not be used for joint action against the evils of society, because their mandate is limited, and their limited voting rights. I dare say that hope can shine if the political parties law to make common cause with the civil society and give life to the abandoned part of the population through their pain and to make drastic changes to revise the entire environment in which people must live.

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