People With Tourette Syndrome Have A High Cognitive Control

Tourette syndrome. One might think that a person with physical and verbal tics of Tourette has less control than non hismind Gilles de la Tourette. Well, here’s a surprise. Studies show that children of Tourette’s really more cognitive control than their peers. The researchers believe that increased surveillance has an impact on spending so much time and energy trying to defeat the Tourette-related behaviors. The present work is Journal of Biology.

The researchers studied brain scans of children with Tourette’s, while performing tasks that require focus and rapid response. Brain scans of children not Tourette served as controls. The researchers order valtrex price found significantly increased activity in the corpus callosum, the region that connects the left and right hemispheres in those with Tourette.

Interestingly, the kids who were best at controlling their tics showed another increased activity: they had busier connections between the prefrontal cortex, involved in complex tasks, and brain areas that control physical movement. Again, probably to subdue the tics.

This discovery gives hope that the people of Tourette’s training could strengthen these links in order to control the behavior of Tourette. This approach can also help other conditions such as attention deficit disorder and obsessive-compulsive disorder.

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