A Big Protects You Against Diabetes

For those seeking a healthy diet, dairy products, while fats and trans fats are not usually on the menu at least not yet. Scientists have fallen to a component of Trans fats are found mainly in milk fat may prevent type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular health protection. Although the investigation is far from conclusive and requires much more study, suggested that fat may play a more complex role in human health than previously thought.

The researchers found that adults with high levels of fatty acids (one of the most important parts of fat molecules) are called trans-palmitoleic acid in the blood was three times lower risk of developing diabetes, according to a study published Monday in the Annals of Internal Medicine. This naturally produced trans fats are found mainly in dairy component, and the flesh. These subjects also had less fat, better cholesterol and reduce triglycerides, which are all linked to improved cardiovascular health.

“It’s exciting because traditional fats have also been considered clogs arteries, but they seem to be both dangerous and protective,” said lead author and epidemiologist at Harvard Dariush Mozaffarian. “The fat of the world becomes more interesting and complex.”

Little is known about trans-palmitoleic acid. In a 1970 study, nutritionists found it comprised only 0.2 percent of all dairy fats. Mammals actually don’t produce it naturally. Bacteria found in cattle make the fatty acid during digestion, and it eventually finds its way to their milk.

Mozaffarian and his colleagues grew interested in the fatty acid after examining a small body of evidence linking dairy consumption with lower diabetes and cardiovascular disease risk factors. “Because trans-palmitoleic acid is fairly unique to dairy, we knew if we found it in subjects there’s a good chance it came from eating some dairy product,” he said.

Analyzing blood samples and lifestyles of more than 3,700 adults 65 years or older, buy cheap lexapro Mozzaffarian found that even when adjusting for various demographic and lifestyle differences, subjects with high levels of trans-palmitoleic acid or reported eating whole-fat dairy appeared to be in better shape than those who didn’t. 739 people in the study had trans-palmitoleic acid at the highest protective level.  The acid was found in each person studied.

“This one of the strongest confirmations that there’s something in dairy fat that lowers risk of diabetes,” Mozzaffarian said.

That doesn’t mean you should put down the skim milk and reach for the half and half, however. Excess calories can lead to weight gain which, going unchecked is a contributing factor in diabetes, heart disease and a number of other health problems.  This is only one study that does not show trans-palmitoleic acid or whole-fat dairy directly caused these differences. However, it’s widely accepted that diets high in the saturated fats found in dairy products often lead to diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

“We certainly know that eating a lot of saturated fat is associated with some bad consequences,” said American Diabetes Association Senior Vice President of Medical Affairs and Community Information Dr. Sue Kirkman. “This study is interesting, but people shouldn’t conclude they should eat or drink high fat dairy products. It does, however, generate a great hypothesis for future study.”

Mozaffarian agreed. He hopes others will focus on trans-palmitoleic acid and its effects in the body. If the trans-palmitoleic acid has been found to protect against diabetes or cardiovascular disease, he imagined that maybe the producers can increase the concentration in dairy products or use as a supplement. “It’s exciting because it may be able to reduce the epidemic of diabetes worldwide,” said Mozaffarian. “But it’s really the new science, so we do not oversell. This could be a flash in a pan that proves correct. “

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