Lifestyles and Diabetes

Cathy mission is to make everyone aware of the risk factors for his district of type 2 diabetes in the next two years and is ready to support those working to prevent the onset of the disease, and those who struggle. “I want everyone to know their risks, “he said. This is the largest disease group. It is of plague proportions.

Headquartered in Glen Innes Ms. Sexton, a nurse of 35 years is the delivery of diabetes education locally and in Tenterfield, Emmaville, Glen Innes and Guyra. Is available to speak with community groups and clubs, diet, exercise and healthy lifestyle to reduce the risk of diabetes and its complications.

Ms. Sexton said in many cases, there are lifestyle factors that influence the disease. If the entry can be delayed until much later in life, the main complications that can occur 20 years after the appearance would not be such a factor. In case of diabetes type 2; said Ms Sexton how to order valtrex about 70 percent of cases are associated with lifestyle remaining 30 percent genetic. It aims to prevent or at least delay the onset of the first group and assist in the second group in charge of their disease.

Them in pre-diabetics tend to have high blood pressure, are overweight, have high consumption of fat and too little exercise, says Sexton. “I am here to provide specific information and opportunities, “she said. In its simplest form, diabetes is a condition that prevents the body use energy (glucose) which comes from carbohydrates we eat. This occurs because insulin is not working well or the person who lack of insulin, causing hyperglycemia.

There are two types of diabetes, which many people know – type 1 and type 2 diabetes symptoms include fatigue, frequent urination and increased thirst, skin infections and vision problems as possible. “People over 40 years (or indigenous people over 35 years); people who are overweight

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