Exercise as good as a Medicine

A balanced diet and regular exercise can protect the brain and ward off mental disorders, a new review of research states.

A daily life intervention program for people with type two diabetes resulted in substantial improvements in several health procedures over a four-year period.

The study involved 2,570 overweight and obese people with type two diabetes who were put on a diet and exercise program designed to reduce their weight by 7% in the first year and maintain that loss over the next three years.

A control group of 2,575 people were assigned to a less intensive diabetes support buying lexapro program.

The intervention group lost 6.2% of their body weight on average, compared with 0.9% in the control group.

They also had significantly better improvements in levels of fitness, blood sugar control, blood pressure and HDL cholesterol (the good kind). The control group had better improvement in their LDL cholesterol (the bad kind) levels because they were more expected to be taking cholesterol-lowering drugs.

“The important question is whether the differences between groups in risk factors will translate into differences in the development of cardiovascular disease,” the researchers wrote. “These results will not be available for several extra years.”

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