Restless Legs Syndrome Can Cause Impotence

One of the most common symptoms, and physiological, the SPI is that the cast members or contraction during sleep.
Researchers from Harvard University presented data that suggest the disorder may also increase the chances of impotence. Their study involved 11,000 men from 2002, which asked a series of standardized questions. They were able to determine, in collaboration with the criteria of RLS as 1979 men suffering from impotence and about 50 percent of those who are more likely to have the condition if they are presented RLS. This was compared to those who suffer from RLS all. While impotence can be affected by several buy valtrex factors such as age, smoking, etc. were taken into consideration as well when the data were analyzed.

Suggested link seems to be the result of chemicals in the brain – if both conditions are rooted. Dr. Xiang Gao, lead author of the study and assistant professor of epidemiology, said the “underlying message of RLS and erectile dysfunction can be caused by hypofunctioning is” dopamine “in the central nervous system.” This could explain the conditions found with the two first. Although research has yet been officially published, it is only displayed, is expected to be formally published later this year.

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