Diabetes Is Not The Death Penalty

Seventh-day Adventist church was raised at the workshop in the morning of diabetes, on Saturday. University of Saskatchewan nutritionist Dr. Carol Henry spoke to the faithful during the regular services of the Church, to give an idea of ??preventive and health advice for type 2 diabetes.

“My goal is to tell you how you can handle,” Henry told the congregation of about 30 people. As someone who has type 2 diabetes itself, Henry said that stress, weight, Diet and exercise are some of the major factors that can control diabetes.

If one doesn’t take measures to stay healthy, complications can form from diabetes such as heart disease, non-traumatic amputation and adult-onset blindness. According to Henry, 10,573 lower limp amputations were performed in 2006 in Canada as a result of complications from diabetes.

“Its one of those diseases that’s taking over,” said Henry. By 2016, Henry generic valtrex estimates that 2.5 million people in Canada will have diabetes. Diabetes occurs when the body stops producing or has lost sensitivity to insulin, which helps break down sugars and starches into energy. It can be caused by a failure of the pancreas, where insulin in produced in the body.

Henry said that eating whole, unprocessed foods and regular exercise are two of the best things people can do to help prevent diabetes and prevent complications for those who have diabetes.

“Exercise for a diabetic is very important,” said Henry.

“Every time you exercise, it helps the body to use the insulin wisely.”

relations adequate rest, stress management, exercise, healthy food and healthy was the key points from Henry to live a healthy life with diabetes.Henry invited the faithful to have diabetes is not the death penalty .

“You could say that you are living with diabetes.”

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