Obesity Can Lead To Diabetes

Obesity & diabetes are closely related to each other. You can say obesity leads to diabetes in many cases. Obesity is probably the most key factor in the development of insulin resistance, but science’s understanding of the chain of events is still spotty. Obesity supports insulin resistance through the inappropriate inactivation of a process called gluconeogenesis, where the liver creates glucose for fuel and which ordinarily occurs only in times of fasting.

Obesity Can Lead To DiabetesObese non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus i.e. type- diabetes occurs a main incentive. So, obesity and type ? diabetes is vividly called a pair of “twins.”

Defined by the World Health Organization, obesity is a chronic metabolic disease; obesity itself refers to both the damage to health, including obesity-related diseases such as type ? diabetes, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease, damage to health. Obese insulin-target cells as reduce the number of insulin receptors or insulin receptor binding defects in cell responses, in vivo insulin resistance and susceptible to type ? diabetes.

National diabetes screening surveys (1994 and 2007) results are found, changes in diet, reduced physical activity caused by the weight of population, type ? diabetes is the most Tourist Hotel risk factors. Survey also found that body mass index and waist circumference of Chinese adults increased with age, the increase of blood sugar. U.S. health professional research on over 50,000 cases age of 45 -75 year-old male followed for 5 years, also found that the greater weight, the greater the risk of diabetes.

Clinical study also found that more than 85% of patients with type ? there is overweight or obese. International Diabetes Federation published data show that obese patients with type ? shorten the life expectancy of 8 years. Obesity buy valacyclovir 500 increased the size of the vascular complications of diabetes such as retinopathy, kidney disease and cardiovascular disease evolution process, which is what, causes diabetes disability, major cause of death. A famous American Diabetes expert haS said: “Diabetes caused by obesity, because obesity and death.” Obesity has serious impact on glycemic control in diabetic patients, reducing the efficacy of hypoglycemic drugs.

Studies have shown that obese patients with type ? 10% weight loss, can all cause mortality decreased by 20%, diabetes-related mortality decreased by 30% and the correlation of tumor Women sexually transmitted diseases 40% mortality rate, fasting plasma glucose decreased by 50%. Obese patients with type ? diabetes weight loss, you can improve the body’s sensitivity to insulin, increasing the efficacy of hypoglycemic drugs, so that good blood sugar control and can improve blood lipids, blood pressure, so the diabetes associated with obesity, in particular, should accept the weight loss treatment.

But weight loss is a steady process, relying on starvation diet, diarrhea, rapid weight loss exercise to overload is often lost is water and protein, and fat does not burn very well, once the treatment stops, weight quickly rebound, a hundred on the body harm. So in weight loss doctors should accept the professional guidance of Endocrinology, formal post-disease clinic for obesity treatment. Obesity patients and more specifically through the system by the trained endocrinologists, dieticians, nurses form a team, specific work procedures, including behavioral therapy, diet therapy, exercise therapy, safe and effective weight loss treatment, prevention and control of obesity complications, Prevention of weight rebound and so on. Yet, not all obese people become insulin resistant, and insulin resistance occurs in non-obese individuals too.

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