New Online Resource For The Treatment Of Diabetes Can Be Customized

Each year 1.6 million people over 20 have been diagnosed with diabetes, according to the American Diabetes Association. The disease is becoming one of the most serious health problems of our time in nearly 24 million people affected – it is 7.8 percent of the U.S. population, or about the status of the population of Texas.

The disease has no cure and requires changes in lifestyle and ongoing support important, but people with diabetes can still effectively manage the disease as well as full and active a life as possible. To provide ongoing support to help patients with diabetes achieve their personal goals, the global diabetes care Novo Nordisk has launched a line of integrated, highly customizable support for people living with diabetes. The program, called Cornerstones4Care offers tools that fit the lifestyle of an individual and information needs. Patients can log on to see if they qualify for an attempt to save money on Novo Nordisk insulin products.

“Whether newly diagnosed or living with diabetes for years, people need continual support to help keep their diabetes management on track,” says Camille Lee, vice president of diabetes marketing. “Not everyone needs the same information, so we developed Cornerstones4Care to offer customized information based on personal preferences.”

Cornerstones4Care is a one-stop source to learn about diabetes and innovative Novo Nordisk treatment options and delivery device systems. People can also receive recipes, look up food nutritional values, connect with cheap lexapro buy others and even receive daily action plans. The program focuses on four “cornerstones” of diabetes control – checking blood sugar, eating healthy, engaging in physical activity and taking diabetes medicines.

For example, different healthy eating tips are offered to someone who indicates they like to cook at home versus eat out in restaurants. A unique feature like the Menu Planner allows members to create their own menu of diabetes-friendly dishes, then generates a grocery list based on the options so that smart, healthy food choices can be made.

“Even if diabetes is a chronic disease can be controlled,” says Rudy Moyado Portage, Indiana, who was living with type 2 diabetes for over 15 years. “If you can find the motivation and adequate support, there is much you can do to help. There are no shortcuts. You have to work, but when you are in control, is very rewarding.”

To help people with diabetes is easier to control the disease, including online resource Cornerstones4Care:

* Basics of drugs for diabetes: An overview of the disease and its treatment of information based on four “pillars” of the fight against diabetes.

* Cornerstone of care: plans based on measuring blood sugar control, healthy eating and physical activity.

* Beyond the Basics: Strategies for specific situations such as travel or resolve any roadblocks in the management of the disease.

* Menu Planner: Tools to create a menu for a wide range of diabetes-friendly recipes.

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