Judicious Eating Habits are Key to Fight Diabetes

Judicious eating habits are key to fight diabetes; experts said in a conference held to mark World Diabetes Day 2010, speakers noted that guarantee proper diet, mostly among high-risk patients, could help stem the high incidence of diabetes in the Sultanate.

Information from the International Diabetes confederacy show that this year, 10.7 per cent of 262,000 Bruneians were found to be suffering from diabetes. The disease is the third cause of death in the Sultanate.

Roziah Othman, Diabetic Education nurse (HSSB), said that complications from the disease could be reduced by controlling blood sugar. Roziah was one of three speakers at the symposium which was held at the Bumiputera Complex, Bangar Town.

Another speaker, Ripas hospital clinical dietitian Zakaria Kamis, said diet could help in managing diabetes and prevent the occurrence of the disease in high-risk patients. Meals should be eaten in small portions, but frequently, he said. “It is important to eat at fixed times. Eat three main meals and three light snacks. Make sure there are fruits and vegetables. However, control your rice intake as too much rice can lead to high blood sugar level,” he said.

He added that skipping breakfast would cause people to be hungry at the end of the day. This buy lexapro without perscription results in overindulgence and excess sugar intake. The dietician, however, added that it was not feasible to totally cut off sugar from the diet.

As sugar from simple carbohydrates causes the blood sugar level to rise and fall quickly, it is better to consume complex carbohydrates as it takes time for the sugar to be broken down. This provides enough sugar to last until the next meal.

Too much carbohydrate intake, though, can cause blood sugar level to spike. Zakaria also said that the amount of oil used in cooking is also a consideration. “Opt for boiled food and reduce use of oil,” he said. Alternatives such as olive oil, canola oil, corn oil, sesame oil or soya bean oil, he added.

In the meantime, carbonated drinks, syrup, three-in-one products and milk that are obtainable in the market are not suitable for people who suffer from diabetes, he said. He added that for milk, low fat or skimmed are better alternatives to full cream. Zakaria said with suitable modifications, even nasi katok can be a healthy meal. “Eat only one packet of nasi katok, add vegetables and throw away the chicken’s skin,” he said.

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