Fight Against Diabetes

Former U.S. President Bill Clinton called on governments to promote healthy diets and nutrition of mothers and their children’s programmers to eradicate diabetes, which so far has been 300 million people worldwide and is estimated to affect over 50 million people in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), the two decades.

Counsel for the fight against diabetes since 2004, Clinton spoke to 550 participants in two days, “Mena Diabetes Leadership Forum” held at Inter-Continental Hotel in the city of festivals. The event was officially opened as part of five days Dubai 6th International Conference on Medical Sciences at the UAE Health Minister Dr Hanif Hassan Ali Al Qassim afternoon Sunday.

Clinton said: “There is much support for child care of mothers and those provided by donors (in countries that have requested support on health issues like HIV / AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria). I say that Governments should include in these programs, diet and nutrition.”

He was answering a question raised by event organizer Novo Nordisk, president and chief executive officer Lars Rebien Sorensen, about recent studies conducted by the Danish pharmaceutical firm against diabetes. Studies showed that “huge” newborns are not necessarily healthy but have been grossly affected by their gestational pregnant buying valtrex diabetic mothers and in the long run, if not guided properly by good diet, nutrition and a healthy lifestyle, become victims of diabetes and its complications such as the non-communicable cardiovascular diseases and cancer, among others.

Clinton added: “My wife once said that every woman in any country has the responsibility gene. So, proper diet and nutrition is a concern of mothers.” On public and private partnerships wherein Sorensen pointed out those pharmaceutical firms may be seen as implementing initiatives for their own vested interests, Clinton said: “We should not be sensitive here. There is no government (which can address on its own harsh effects) of social behaviors.”

Clinton has been involved in the global fight against diabetes when her over the years he noticed that two of his chief of staff, and children with diabetes. Also, when his term of another of his friend, who seemed perfectly healthy and died from complications of diabetes. Clinton has suggested, among other things, the promotion of young people, food and beverage industries, and health professionals to address diabetes and related diseases through partnerships. He said: “so many wonderful things, amazing things happen in your area do not stop just because of diabetes.”

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