Novo Plan to Knife Insulin Drug

Novo Nordisk of Denmark plans to pull out the insulin depend on diabetes, was packed down by British experts on Monday, which said it will cause interruption for patients and increases expenses. Novo is an ax Mixtard 30 by the end of 2010, as it shifts to the marketing of new therapies, which claims to be improved.

But experts said the letter, Drug and Therapeutics Bulletin, an independent publication of the British Medical Journal that tracks drug treatments, said the move could cost the NHS £ 9000000 (14300000 dollars).

“We are concerned about the attitude of Novo Nordisk for people with diabetes who rely on Mixtard 30 invite the company to turn a decision order valtrex simply do not have the interests of patients, health professionals and the NHS,” said the letter, which has also been published in the Daily Telegraph.

The experts – who are leading doctors of University College London, King’s College London and University or Bristol – said the modern substitute Mixtard 30, as NovoMix 30, were not effective and safer.

Novo prevented, there was a steady decline in the use of Mixtard 30, human insulin, in recent years, doctors increasingly prescribed for new forms of insulin, which offers distinct advantages over older products. “Stopping Mixtard 30, we try to focus resources on developing the next generation of insulin, “the company said.

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