Health Ministry Forbid ‘Diabetes’ Medicine

The UAE Ministry of Health has cancelled the registration and forbidden distribution of the drug Amzylite and all products that carry this component. The decision was made after testing proved that the trading composition of the drug is different from that registered at the ministry which is contrary to the rules of the UAE.

Dr Amin Al Amiri, Executive Director for Medical Practices and Licensing, said the drug was registered at the Ministry of Health in 2006 for a private company. However, the company’s licence was cancelled in 2006 for being inactive for a period of six months.

He said: “We found that the product was promoted with false claims of curing diabetes while it was registered buy valtrex without rx with the Ministry of Health as enzymes to help digestion.

“The promotion was carried out through the internet, which showed a person claiming to be the inventor of the product. Besides, text messages were sent with the false information that the drug is a treatment of diabetes.”

Dr Al Amiri said registration of the drug and any product with the name of Amzylite has been cancelled and these will be withdrawn from the market in the UAE.

He said: “The pharmacies or distributors are obliged to report to the Department of Registration and Drug Control while taking the final decision about how to dispose of and to stop trading or importance any of these products.”

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